Highlighting the beauty of the mundane.

Baldemar Fierro is a freelance photographer based in Laguna Beach, CA. Born and raised in Southern CA. Fierro has been photographing for more than 15 years. He attended photography school at Orange Coast college where he learned analog photography. Large/medium format cameras, film development and darkroom techniques learned at OCC are still relevant to him in today’s digital workflow.

“Baldemar Fierro combines the novelist’s obsession with details and the poet’s fascination with beauty. Fusing the two in large-scale photos, he composes visual stories — pieces that leave the viewer full of the sorts of questions that our society rarely bothers with anymore.

What’s going on in those lantern-lit houses?
Are those two neighbors friendly?
What’s that woman thinking about as she stares into an endless sky?

Below the surface, thrumming like a steady pulse, is the photographer’s own DNA. These photos are the work of a man who loves the world, even when it vexes him. They are the output of someone who unearths magic in strange places and invite each of us to do the same. In doing so, we form a relationship with the art, breathing a part of ourselves into each image.”   -Steve Bramucci